Sunday, November 4, 2012

DIY Upcycled Filing Cabinet

Here’s a DIY that will turn a rusty, dusty, and dented filing cabinet into something pretty for your home! I think it’s the perfect place to store all of your craft supplies.  I bought my junky, old filing cabinet from a garage sale for $20, and with a little tweaking, it's become a really wicked piece of functional furniture!

You’ll need: A filing cabinet (garage sale time!!), spray paint (or regular paint), scrapbook paper (or anything decorative), Modpodge, scissors

1: Grab your filing cabinet and your spray paint and head to place where things can get messy!  

2: Remove the handles and label-holders from the cabinet. You’ll have to take off the inner panel of the front of each drawer, and then they’ll come off easily. Lay them out and paint them.  

3: Prime your cabinet – you might not have to do this, depending on what colour your filing cabinet is, and what colour you want it to be. I chose a pale yellow, so I sprayed it with a white paint first to make sure the colour showed up well. 
4: Paint on the final colour. This took two cans of spray paint for me. You can also use regular house paint with a roller.  

5: measure your paper and cut it to fit the front of the cabinet. You’ll probably need to use two sheets per drawer.  

6: Apply a generous coating of Modpodge to the front of the drawer.  

7: Place the paper down and smooth out any wrinkles. 

8: Apply another generous coating of Modpodge on top of the paper. You can use a brush, but I found it easier to just smear it around with my hands!  

9: Let it dry, put the hardware back on, and Voila!

 Enjoy your awesome upcycled filing cabinet!! xoxo